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Saudade is a navigation club in which you can enjoy your sailboat, during a full week in extra or high season, three weekends and ten single days in medium and low seasons.

Members enjoy a shared boat, with a program-calendar vessel layout exclusively for them and their guests.

You will enjoy the boat as if it were yours, it will always be clean and ready to set sail. Both at sea and in port you can benefit from a comfortable “floating apartment”.

Timón Yachting Club Valencia, Malaga, España
Club de barcos compartidos en España

Our system is simple

With a monthly fee, members enjoy their boat for 26 days a year.​

On each sailboat you will have:

About us

We are the oldest sailing club in Spain. Founded in 2009 under the name of Náutica 4u. Made up of a group of lovers of the sea and nautical, we put sailboats at your disposal, always in perfect condition, so you don't have to worry about anything; just enjoy the pleasure of sailing.

Our base port is La Marina de València

The city of Valencia has a very favorable climate for navigationwith more than 300 days of sunshine a year, good nautical infrastructure, as well as complementary cultural, gastronomic and leisure services throughout the year.

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Responsible company

Saudade Sailing Club is a young company, managed by young people with the desire to have a world that's cleaner, more socially committed, reducing our ecological footprint in such a way that allows new generations to enjoy healthy seas and oceans, sailing them..

We know that the Social responsability means becoming responsible citizens, collaborators, businessmen and rulers, being able to then generate committed and responsible societies.

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

We were committed, and we will continue to be committed, adding and involving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), proposed by the United Nations in 2015.

At Saudade we carry out actions focused on working together with society, creating useful products under fair conditions, ensuring decent working conditions, maintaining business ethics and ensuring resource savings, respecting the environment.

We make a conscientious use of resources, raising awareness about the problems of our seas and knowing our ecological footprint, which allows us to evaluate the impact that our activities have on the environment. For example, to clean the boats, we use biodegradable products with low ecological impact.

Strategic alliances for social commitment

We know that social responsibility starts and is enhanced by working in alliances. We cannot work in isolation; The state, companies and social organizations must work together. Thus, we partnered with organizations such as the Grano de Mostaza Foundation or the cultural project Three Knots Magazine.

Through the collaboration agreement with Three Knots Magazine We help spread the need for the care of the marine environment through the sponsorship of exhibitions and editorial publications.

The Grano de Mostaza Foundation provides children of indigenous peoples, of low income, with real social and economic disadvantages, without technology that allows them to access virtual classes; the opportunity to progress through access to education, promoting permanence in the education system in rural communities with difficult access to education in the interior of Argentina.