Read below frequent questions that are usually asked us about our Club, our proposal, our sailboats, regattas, security, and more.

  • How does the Navigation Club work?
    Saudade is the sailing club in which you can enjoy your sailboat for 1 full week in summer, 3 weekends and 10 individual days during the week. Paying only a monthly fee. More information about our club →
  • How old is the Club?
    The Club emerged in 2009 under the name of Náutica 4u. It is currently the oldest club in Spain. More information about our club →
  • What is the Club's home port?
    Our port is La Marina de València. Only 10 minutes from downtown.
  • Can I sign up at any time of the year?
    Yes, you can join the Club at any time of the year. The contract lasts for one year.
  • What is the duration of registration to the Club?
    Registration to the Club is annual. Check prices →
  • What type of boats does the Club have?
    They are cruising sailboats with all the mod consYou can see them here →
  • What are the requirements to be a member?
    The only requirement is to have PER title (Recreational Boat Skipper) or higher license. If you don't have it or if you need practice to gain confidence, you can train with us. More information about courses and training →
  • Is previous sailing experience necessary?
    It's not necessary to have experience in navigation under sail, we customize initial training for each new member. Private classes so that you can navigate and dock alone, with total confidence, collective courses navigation in bad weather, mooring and anchoring techniques, and high altitude crossings. More information about training →
  • Can the membership fee be shared?
    The registration to the Club can be shared by two people - thus being able to share the benefits of the Club - paying An increment of the 20% in the quota. Check prices →
  • Do I share the boat with other members while sailing?
    No, the ship is exclusively for each partner in his reserved navigation days.
  • Are there any extra expenses apart from the fee?
    Only the registraton fee is paid when starting the first contract and the monthly payments. The cleaning, sheets, towels for daily use are all covered by the Club. Auxiliary boats and , auxiliary boats and are also included.
  • Do the boats have comprehensive insurance? What responsibilities does the associate have?
    Yes, the boats have comprehensive insurance. The associates are only responsible, and in case of misuse of the boat, to cover the insurance excess.
  • What safety features are there on board?
    The boats have all regulatory material for safety on board. Club members have access from their mobile phone to a system of battery monitoring, anchoring, water in bilge , auxiliary boats and positioning of your boat at all times (Connected Boat).
  • How far in advance can I reserve my sailing days?
    The summer week It is usually agreed upon when the contract is signed; on weekends and individual days, with 1 month in advance maximum. Reserve dates now →
  • Can sailing days be grouped together to make crossings?
    Yes, it is possible to group days to do crossings in mid and low season, depending on availability. Reserve dates now →
  • Is there advice for long journeys?
    We support newer partners designing with them the navigation routes for the longest journeys. We offer, if necessary, permanent monitoring of the journey.
  • Can I register a Club sailboat for a regatta?
    Yes, it is possible to enroll the Club's boats in regattas. For example La Ruta de la Sal or La Ruta de la Seda. You can see more regattas here →
  • What are the differences between the Sailing Club and a charter?
    By being a member sail all year, using always the same boat feeling it as your own. Knowing the sailboat gives you enough confidence to maneuver calmly and safely.
  • Can I sleep on the Club's sailboats?
    As long as advance notice is given,members can stay overnight the day before the day reserved for sailing; whether for weeks, weekends or individual days.

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